Your Home From Home in Great Yarmouth
A little bit of history about Sunnydene
Sunnydene was built in 1863, and was a summer holiday home, it has a peppercorn rent which we still pay to this day, about £2 per year. Making the house freehold and the land leasehold, this is unique to only 2 towns in England Great Yarmouth and Manchester. We moved into Sunnydene on the 6th June 2002, since then we have made a lot of changes to make it more homely and safer for our guests. Some of the changes have been, double glazed windows, replaced the fire alarm, had the car park brick weaved, new boiler, refitted the kitchen, converted the ground floor room, bathroom to a wet-room and replaced the beds more than once. Above you can see postcards from previous owners, dating back to the early sixties, when bed, breakfast and evening meal cost £61.34 for 2 weeks stay in 1972, as you can see from the receipt below. On the left is the first brochure we commissioned and the brochure to the right is when we had 83 and 84 with 23 rooms We purchased 84 in 2005 giving us 23 bedrooms, but this was a mistake and we were forced to reduce back to 12 rooms in 2012 following the bank crash of 2008.